We had a great turn out for this meeting! Almost everyone who came spoke to the council. It was a great opportunity to be able to shape the future of vaping in Colorado. Kudos to the Arvada City Council for being open minded and listening to what the people who came had to say. The fact that a couple of the council members and the mayor visited some Arvada vape shops before making up their minds on the issue impressed us all. Thanks for doing the research to make an informed decision!

Victory in Arvada!

We succeeded in getting an exemption for stores in Arvada’s vaping ban. Thanks Arvada retailers, suppliers, customers and friends for coming out in droves last night to support an amendment to exempt stores. We had over 30 people testify with really compelling remarks that made the difference. But the fight isn’t over. Judging from the remarks from some citizens, we have a lot of work to do educating the public and local government officials that vaping isn’t about delivering THC. CVA made a strong case that retailers and customers are sincerely trying to help people kick the smoking habit. Thanks again!

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