The Switcher is a customizable dual-18650 mod by Vaporesso


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The Vaporesso Switcher is the newest offering from Vaporesso. A follow-up to the excellent Revenger X the mod was originally named the “Kosupure”, which is Japanese for cosplay (the act of dressing up like a character). The company later changed the name to the “Transformer”, and finally to the Switcher.


The mod is a 510-centered, dual-18650 device that gets its name from its ability to switch between exterior frames in different colors. The main body is black and you can buy other frame colors separately and switch between them easily. This review is of the LE version.

Price: $84.99 per kit (includes NRG sub ohm tank)

Colors: silver, retro yellow, iron grey

Limited edition (with LEDs): red/blue, shiny green, brown gold

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Vaporesso Switcher specs and features

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Notable Remarks

Initial impressions and features


The Switcher’s solid-feeling body impressed me right away. It’s not too heavy but doesn’t feel cheap either. The Switcher feels like a well-made device.

Switching the cases is super easy. Just open the battery door on the bottom, slide it off, and slide on a different one – the battery door locks the case in place. The LED itself is large and bright on the LE edition, but you can buy the regular model if you don’t want LEDs. You can also use it without the case for maximum LED action, or turn them off if you prefer.

The Switcher uses a centered-510 pin and handles atomizers up to 29 mm in width without any overhang. The mod itself is 31 mm at its widest point, but the 510 platform is only 29 mm. I’d prefer if the platform was able to handle 30 mm atomizers without slight overhang.

Wattage mode performance


I found this to be a very accurate mod. It’s usually within a few watts of the settings, and the output is always smooth and consistent. The mod never got hot or even warm in my testing, however during the stress test it issued a “high temp” warning, and I had to wait for it to cool down before using again.

Unless you plan on chain vaping a TFV12 at 200 watts, this will be a non-issue though. I wouldn’t recommend any dual-battery mod for that. I’d much rather see an occasional warning than have my mod turn into hand warmer.


The Vaporesso Switcher also features pre-heat settings of soft, normal, and hard for wattage mode, plus a full wattage-curve mode that allows you to adjust output in half-second increments up to five seconds. Both of these modes work exceptionally well.

Vaporesso lists the mod at 220-watt max output and 8.5-volt max output. (They don’t list a max output for amperage.) In my test results the wattage and voltage output were met and slightly exceeded, making it an accurately-rated device. I got max readings of 227 watts and 9.152 volts. The max amperage was 44 amps, which is above average. All three max outputs are among the highest for dual-battery mods. Overall, I found it to be an excellent performer.

Temperature control performance


Using SS316 wire with the default SS mode, as well as TCR Mode set at 0.00092, I tested eight builds ranging from round spaced coils to fancy single and dual builds. I was impressed with the performance for the price of this mod. In 2017 we saw a lot of good-performing temperature control mods that don’t cost an arm and a leg. The Vaporesso Switcher is right there with them.

It’s been smooth and consistent and has fast ramp up times. There’s no limit on power in temp control; you can set your wattage all the way up to the full 220 watts. It throttles back nicely and is never “pulsey” or completely off. It does tend to hit a little on the high side though.

I like a warm vape and every build I’ve used has worked well in the 400-440°F range. I recommend starting off around 370-380°F, then working your way up to your preferred vape.

The Switcher has good dry hit protection under 450°F. Over 450°F you might get a slight dry hit. I think most will find the vape they like in the 370°F to 450°F range, which is a little low but not a problem. Overall, I found it to be a solid performer in TC mode.

Other tidbits


I’ve used over a dozen atomizers on this mod with no issues at all. I’ve also pulled and wiggled at the 510 but found no drop in performance. Vaporesso generally has great 510 pins and this mod is no exception.

  • The mod is solid with no button rattle at all
  • The fire button is large and clicky and has a nice texture to it
  • The screen is large and bright with all the info you’d ever want, including individual battery monitoring
  • The Switcher has a clock
  • The bottom-hinged battery door locks into place without any gaps
  • The LEDs are programmable with different colors and options on the LE edition
  • Vaporesso lists the Switcher as having a 2.5-amp fast charging, but I didn’t test that since I don’t recommend charging batteries internally.

How to use the mod


The mod uses the standard five clicks to turn on and off. As in the Revenger series, the Switcher has a round menu button that lies between the up and down buttons. Click it three times to enter the menu. Then use the up and down buttons to choose your mode and hit menu to accept. Press the fire button to exit at any time. It is very easy to use and set up.


  • Power performance is accurate
  • Easy-to-use menu system
  • Temp control works well
  • with full power allowed
  • Great build quality
  • Sleek simple design
  • Centered 510 pin
  • Bright screen
  • No button rattle
  • Large fire button
  • Pre-heat options
  • TCR mode
  • Wattage curve mode works really well
  • The paint job appears durable
  • Comfortable shape
  • Replaceable cases
  • LED option on the LE edition
  • Boost circuit


  • Temp mode runs a little hot (keep it under 450°F)
  • Slight overhang with 30 mm atomizers


The Switcher is another winner from Vaporesso, following the Revenger and Revenger X. I think the OMNI chip is very underrated in conversations about the “best chips” in vaping. It doesn’t get the same love as the DNA, SX mini, or even the Gene chip, but it’s every bit as good if not better in some respects – and the mods with the OMNI chips are very affordable. If you’re in the market for a new mod, you should give the Switcher a hard look.

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