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Even for former smokers!

I love the fact that I have been able to quit smoking regular cigarettes after trying the patch, gum and other means. I have a health situation that mandates that I quit smoking, including a heart condition. My cardiologist has said that in moderation, a controlled nicotine e-cig in moderation would be no more harmful than caffeine from coffee. It gets rid of the carbon monoxide, tar, other carcinogenic chemicals and is much safer than smoking. He also liked the idea that I could step down the amount of nicotine in the cartridges gradually.

Using the patch and gum did not work for me, but on January 5 I got my e-cig order and have not had a desire to smoke since. I “vape” my e-cig and it satisfies not only the nicotine craving, but also the “habit” of puffing on the cig and feeling the vapor “hit”. This is working when nothing else did for me.

My wife had used an expensive drug treatment to quit, one that I could not use because of conflicts with my heart medications, but she still had the “urge” to smoke…especially when we would go out to places like a casino. I let her try my e-cig and that helped that urge and kept her from going back. I have since ordered her a kit. When I first started, I used it constantly as I was not limited by the short span of a “burning” tobacco cigarette. As I have progressed, I now grab it when I get a craving, take a few puffs, and put it back in the case. My wife does the same. We plan to lower the nicotine content gradually but as much as I enjoy the e-cig, I have no plans to ever stop using it completely. With only 4 ingredients that are relatively harmless instead of around 4000 chemicals, many of which are carcinogens, found in “smoke”, we feel comfortable doing this.

My wife is a medical professional and I am a retired environmental health and safety professional. I have done a lot of research and found that any e-cig is safer than “smoking” tobacco. I have introduced many of my family members, friends and even a few complete strangers who were curious about what I was “smoking” to the e-cig. I am sold and that makes it easy to sell others on the benefits of “vaping” instead of “smoking”. After only one month, my smokers “cough” is gone, I breath easier, my heart rate and blood pressure are better, and I feel more like getting back into workout programs at the gym!

Submitted by Steve G

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