Operation Grow For Vets Announces Denver Rally To Support Veterans Suffering With PTSD In Response To Colo. Medical Board Ruling

grow4vets logo[Press Release] July 27, 2015 (Denver, CO)- Grow For Vets (formerly known as Grow4Vets) announced today a rally to raise money and support veterans in Colorado suffering with PTSD. The rally will take place at 3461 Ringsby Court, Denver on August 1, 2015 from 11am-2pm and will supply Veteran and non-Veteran attendees alike with free cannabis products.

Recently, the Colorado Department of Health and Environment voted not to approve cannabis as a treatment for PTSD affecting thousands of Veterans who use the plant to alleviate the serious symptoms of PTSD. This rally will raise awareness for those Veterans and call the public’s attention to the fact that deadly prescription drugs and suicide are killing more than 18,000 American heroes every year.

The event is also part of the Save a Million Vets tour that aims to raise a quarter of a million dollars to support Grow For Vets’ operations and its efforts to give away free cannabis to Veterans at their signature rallies throughout the country.

Roger Martin

“In a move that defies all logic, six board members of the Colorado Department of Health and Environment recently voted for the third time to reject PTSD as a qualifying condition for obtaining medical cannabis in our great state,” says Roger Martin, founder of Grow For Vets.

“Members who voted ‘no’ sent a clear message to those suffering from PTSD: “We simply don’t care about you!” continues Martin. “The victims of the board’s bureaucratic callousness are not just military Veterans. They are also civilians – men, women, and children alike who have been traumatized by rape, domestic abuse, or any number of other violent experiences. We are holding this event to tell Veterans we are here for you, and will support your use of cannabis as medicine even if callous politicians and government bureaucrats will not.”

Tickets for the event are free for Veterans. Others are asked to make a $20 donation. Tickets for everyone are available at: gfvco.org/events .

Veterans wishing to become members of the Colorado Chapter of Grow for Vets can sign up online at: gfvco.org/join-us.

Civilians wishing to support the Colorado Chapter of Grow for Vets can also sign up online at: gfvco.org/join-us.

Those who cannot attend the event but still want to help Veterans can make a donation online at the organization’s website at: gfvco.org/donate.

Operation Grow4Vets also accepts donations of cannabis in the form of flower, shake, and trim. These donations are distributed free of charge to Veterans at future events.


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