Co-vid 19 Update!

Steep Slope Vape Supply will be closed for retail sales per JeffCo public health department and shelter in place rules effective 3/26/2020.

We will take phone orders from 12pm to 4pm Monday—
Friday and you can come pick up your purchase at the door.

You will need to show ID to pick up your order.  We’ll ask you to put your ID up to the glass door for us to verify your age.

All orders will need to be prepaid on a debit/credit card to protect everyone from handling cash.

Additionally, you can place orders thru our website and we will ship your order.

Thank you for your understanding as the situation is fluid and we will do our best to be available for all your vaping needs.


Light up the Whitehouse Switchboard!

On Wednesday, September 11, 2019, Donald Trump, along with HHS secretary Alex Azaar, announced that the administration would be banning all flavored vapor products from the market. In spite of an incredible 28% decline in youth smoking–according to early data from the National Youth Tobacco Survey (NYTS)–the administration is citing a 25% increase in vaping among young people as justification for taking such an extreme action.

The White House needs to hear from adult vapers and anyone who loves a vaper! A flavor ban won’t protect our children, but it will kill their parents.

We need to 
Light Up The Switchboard
At The Whitehouse!
Ph: 202-456-1111
(Comment Line)

On your call:

  • The operator will likely ask where they can direct your call
  • Simply tell them that flavored vapor products saved your life; and,
  • tell them “We Vape, We Vote.

Be polite, be brief, and say thank you.

Do you want timely alerts about this issue and information about how you can do more?