Portablevaporizerguide.Com Impresses the Vaping Buffs

Newly Launched Portablevaporizerguide.Com Impresses the Vaping Buffs with Their Complete Vaporizer Reviews

Nobby Beach, Queensland — (ReleaseWire) — 06/26/2015 — In spite of its recent launch, portablevaporizerguide.com has earned a lot of praise for its various helpful articles on vaping and vaporizer reviews. The vaping buffs have not only praised the comprehensiveness of the reviews with complete details, which includes the step by step functioning of the vaporizers as well as the number of reviews on vaporizers which the website has already issued.

Discovering a genuine website which offers personal experience of vaporizers is rare as there are many websites nowadays which basically make up the reviews by themselves or copy reviews from the other sources. (more…)

Vaping versus smoking – the case for e-cigarettes

  • The study found significant health benefits associated with switchingfrom tobacco to e-cigarette use, which were characteristicallymore prominent in those who had completely quit smoking comparedto those who only reduced their smoking consumption. Participantsreported that any side effects associated with e-cigarette use weremild and temporary

A recent worldwide study in favour of vaping indicates it can help smokers kick the habit

Many countries, including the UAE, have banned electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes but a worldwide survey of 19,441 users in 2014 found it had minimal adverse effects (about 1/100th to 1/20th) compared with smoking. Those who switched to vaping from smoking reported a reduction in harmful effects, with very mild and temporary side effects.


How to Argue FOR Vaping

One of the most difficult things about this disruptive technology is how to defend it against the naysayers who are, like the Luddites of old, trying to destroy what they do not understand. It is frustrating beyond tolerance at times, to hear our lifesaving technology reduced to being perceptually more harmful than smoking itself.

Those of us who have been on the front lines face endless repetition of the same pseudo-scientific lies and misrepresentations at every turn. We are besieged by the very people we thought would be our biggest supporters. After all, don’t the various health groups share the same message: “If you smoke, stop”? And that is exactly what we’ve done! Having failed at every other method available, we found a way out of the trap of smoking for the nicotine and dying from the tar. Shouldn’t we be welcomed as a light in the darkness? (more…)

A Warning to Pet Owners Who Use E-Cigarettes

By Dr. Tina Wismer | June 15, 2015

As electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are becoming more popular, exposures to animals are increasing as the types of exposures have changed.

E-cigarettes were first marketed in 2007 and have been gaining market share ever since. At the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center in 2012, e-cigarettes made up 4.6 percent of nicotine exposures in a category that included traditional cigarettes, nicotine gums and patches. In 2013, e-cigarette calls increased to 13.6 percent of all nicotine cases. In addition, the numbers of exposures reported increased during that time period from 240 animals affected in 2011 to 305 in 2013. (more…)

CDC, Sandman, and finding an “honest” appraisal of e-cigarettes

News releases on studies should put the evidence they report in context. But how do you judge a release when there isn’t enough… evidence, that is?

In April, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced youth tobacco survey results with this headline and subhead:

E-cigarette use triples among middle and high school students in just one year

Hookah use doubles; no decline seen in overall tobacco use among middle or high school students

A Promising Candidate for Most Dangerously Dishonest Public Health News Release of the Year” is the sharp critique of the CDC statement from risk communication expert Peter Sandman, Ph.D. (more…)

More people are combining electronic and regular cigarettes: poll

More people are combining electronic and regular cigarettes: poll


Ten percent of Americans smoke e-cigarettes, the poll found.

Significantly more Americans are using electronic cigarettes and other vaporizing devices than a year ago, but most of those consumers are also smoking conventional cigarettes, according to a new Reuters/Ipsos poll.

The findings support evidence that smokers are using both traditional tobacco products and e-cigarettes to deliver nicotine, rather than giving up traditional cigarettes altogether. Researchers are studying many questions about the potential benefits and dangers of e-cigarettes and U.S. health regulators are still working on their first set of rules governing the products.


Solaris Power Cells Releases Flask Vape Mod

We’ll check these out!  This sounds like  great technology for vapers. Hopefully we  can have them in stock in July!!

| Source:Solaris Power Cells, Inc.

 PALM SPRINGS, Calif., June 2, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Solaris Power Cells, Inc., the creators of the Solaris PESA™ “Passive Electron Storage Array”™ (the “Company”) (OTCQB:SPCL) (Germany WKN: A1W9W5), has released its newest Solaris F-Series Vapor Mod product incorporating the company’s battery free PESA™ “Passive-Electron-Storage-Array” storage technology. As stated in Solaris’ previous press releases, a Vapor Mod is a customizable large cell e-cigarette that can be used for flavored nicotine and other aromatic juices. Business journals and trade groups have projected the vapor industry to be over $10 billion by 2017. The “F-Type Vape Mod” is a flask style design housed in CNC machined and anodized aircraft aluminum available in 4 custom colors. The product will be available for shipment in early July and serve the high performance and competition vaping consumers.

Like all Solaris Power Cells products the Solaris F-Type operates battery free via Solaris Power Cells PESA™ power supply. The Solaris F-Type includes a 10 year limited lifetime warranty on its PESA™ cell. Unique features of the F-Type Vape Mod are that it charges in under two minutes compared to hours when using traditional rechargeable vapor mod batteries, and that it can undergo over 500,000 charge and discharge cycles on a single PESA™ cell. Typical lithium type batteries can only yield hundreds of charge and discharge cycles before failure. In addition the power performance of the F-Type Vape Mod is superior to battery powered mods and never requires battery replacement. “Between its power and the technology inside, the Solaris F-Type will be finding a home in the high end vaping market and best of all our customers never have to buy replacement batteries again. Additionally the F-Type is just another example of Solaris Power Cells Energy Storage Solutions (ESS),” stated Solaris Power Cells COO, Steve Lawrence.